Gianni Mae is exploding back onto the scene to unveil ‘Love Me Long’ – the first single and teaser from her upcoming project.

Showcasing her roots, ‘Love Me Long’ is bursting with layered rhythms and vibrant percussion for a hard-hitting pop-dancehall anthem. A versatile artist and songstress, Gianni’s mesmerising vocals convey an emotive and heartfelt message about the importance of self-love and empowerment while navigating the highs and lows of a romantic relationship.

Speaking on the track, Gianni said “Love Me Long tells the story of a woman who will not be played or fooled by no man in a relationship. She shows vulnerability and softness because she does want to be connected despite the lows and highs. But the time has come to restore thoughts and intentions and prepare for new beginnings and ultimately letting go.”

Fiercely oozing self-confidence and empowerment with each trap banger that she releases, Gianni always keeps the values of self-expression and discovery at the heart of her song writing. Having grown up in Curaçao with the island’s liveliness and warm culture nurtured into her being, Gianni Mae strives to honourably represent her heritage and champion black female empowerment within her musical journey.

Emerging onto the scene as part of a female rap duo in Rotterdam, Gianni came into her own whilst based in Berlin, sharing studio time with trap producers which led to her debut EP ‘Saucy’. Sparking the attention of international tastemakers, Gianni soon exceled further, gaining recognition and acclaim as a trap queen while performing across some of the biggest festivals around Europe.

Lauded by COMPLEX and VOGUE alongside co-signs by Rico Nasty, Gianni is set to take over 2021 with ‘Love Me Long’ showcasing her unapologetic and diverse musical spirit, setting a tone of immensity ahead of her forthcoming project. Watch this space.

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